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  • Fashion Forward Handknits

    Lang Yarns Fatto a Mano 245 Collection #57 Sweater Flipping through a Fatto a Mano collection from Lang is like perusing your favorite catalog. The exquisitely executed designs are an opportunity to create the wardrobe of your dreams with your own two hands.
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  • Your True Colors

    Melanie Berg True Colors Shawl Once in a while a project comes along that captures exactly the mood of the moment. This week Melanie Berg released her latest shawl design, True Colors, and we instantly resonated with the broad spectrum of earthy greens set against a cool grey backdrop; like the story of summer fading into autumn, with winter at its heels.
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  • New Colors & Collection from Woolfolk

    Woolfolk FW 2017 Patterns Kristin Ford's approach to color is modern, conservative, and classic. Thus far, the Woolfolk line has been comprised of mostly greys, with a few blues, teals, and browns thrown in for good measure. When we opened the box of the new Fall colors, our hearts may have skipped a beat.
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